Praise for Trials of the Century:

“Riveting accounts of the ten most fascinating trials of the 20th century will keep pages turning compulsively.”  -Joseph Wambaugh, bestselling author of The Onion Field

“For trial junkies—and who isn’t?—these riveting accounts of ten ‘trials of the century,’ one from each decade, are a must-read. The stories tell us as much about the history of each decade as they do about the trials themselves.”                                                                                                                                                                           -Alan Dershowitz, law professor and best-selling author of America on Trial: Inside the Legal Battles That Transformed Our Nation and Taking the Stand: My Life in the Law

“A fascinating look at twentieth-century America through ten murder trials that feature a colorful cast from a full cross section of society, from heiresses and celebrities to drifters, dropouts, and a bestselling author. Mark J. Phillips and Aryn Z. Phillips excel in putting these crimes in their cultural and social contexts, using them as a storm gauge for how America, its people, and the public’s obsessions have changed across the decades.”      -Ross King, author of the New York Times–bestseller Brunelleschi’s Dome

“While I have many books on the so-called "Trials of the Century," this one was the best at giving the reader just the right amount of information about each case.  There is enough detail to really understand each case and properly place it in context with the social and political events of its time.  ...  I lived some of these cases and I felt like I was right back in the courtroom with them.  …  This book is the equivalent of a highlight reel of the biggest criminal cases of the century.  It is also a thoughtful book that gives us insight into both the people involved and the workings of our criminal justice system.  I thoroughly enjoyed it.”                                                  -Laurie Levenson, Author, TV commentator and Professor at Loyola Law School

“In Trials of the Century, authors Mark J. Phillips and Aryn Z. Phillips (father/daughter) unite their obvious skills as attorney and sociologist respectively as they present eleven of the nation’s most-infamous criminal trials. Each of these trials in its own day and time was labeled by the press as ‘the trial of the century.’ The individual case studies are fascinating, but of greater value is how the authors reveal the hyperbolic role the press played in influencing the verdict in each of these cases, the media often attempting to replace the actual seated jurors by making sensational demands for ‘front-page justice.’ An informative and mesmerizing read. I highly recommend it.”                                                                                                                                                            -Steve Hodel, New York Times–bestselling true-crime author of Black Dahlia Avenger

“Very interesting... Trials of the Century tells ten of these stories, and we learn from them that innocence or guilt depends as much on the way in which the proceedings are reflected in the media as on the evidence presented in court.”                                                                                                                                                                 -Riverside Lawyer Magazine

“An engrossing history of some of the most-notorious murder trials of the twentieth century. Expertly researched and vividly recounted, Trials of the Century provides insight into society’s fascination with not only ten infamous violent crimes but also the sensationalized criminal trials that followed.”                                              -Trevor W. Morrison, dean, New York University School of Law 

“Trials of the Century is a study in opposites.  Its often-gruesome subject matter is discussed with tact and a simple matter-of-factness; it is scholarly, thoroughly-researched yet wholly accessible; the authors apply a keen legal eye to the evidence and verdicts, while evincing a perceptible compassion for the victims and their families.  Those long dead spring vividly to life as their last days and hours are set forth in rich detail... 

The authors delve deeply into source materials, including testimony and oral arguments from the trials, contemporary media accounts, scholarly analyses, autobiographies of the accused and of counsel, and present-day musings on websites and blogs, to present a comprehensive and well-rounded picture of the primary actors and settings of each trial.  Photographs, witness testimony, interviews, letters, and other evidence are excerpted or reprinted in full, breathing a sense of life and personality into the proceedings…. 

The book does not stop at the courthouse steps. A particularly fascinating element is the examination of how the media of the time impacted each trial.  Every one of the trials in the book was a media spectacle, covered with breathless anticipation by journalists, with commentary from those either “in the know” or wanting to appear so, and occasional dramatic statements by the participants. The book moves from the impact of print media, to radio, to newsreels, then television, and finally the internet, as a means not only to disseminate information, but also to stir and inflame the public’s passions and prejudices.”                                                            -Palo Alto Area Bar Association Journal

“Truth may be stranger than fiction but these real life crime stories would seem far-fetched if delivered in a mystery publication today. Compiled by law professor Mark Phillips and social scientist Aryn Phillips, these ten sensational murder trials, one for each decade are recapped by balancing the evidence with the social milieu that weighed the testimonies and influenced the verdicts…. Better than Stephen King, this is a real chiller/thriller!”                                                                                                                                                                        -Manhattan Book Review

 “Trial junkies won’t be able to put this down.  And the rest of us will unsuccessfully try to turn our heads away.  But it’s almost impossible.  Trials of the Century is riveting reading.”                                                                  -January Magazine

"The authors lay out the legal matters in clear, straightforward terms-not always the easiest thing to do, given the complexity of the cases-and they do a nice job of putting the trials into their social and political context... If you're a true crime fan, put this one on your must-read list."                                                                                        - -Winnipeg Free Press

“As an anthology of true-crime stories, this book is like a nice, hefty box of See’s Candies from which you can pick out your favorites and savor them, let them roll around on your tongue."                                                            -LA Weekly

“Trials of the Century is a thrilling, fast-paced narrative detailing legal proceedings and the ways in which mass media have kept pace with the voracious appetite of the public for news, sometimes without regard to its veracity. …Although the authors acknowledge the press plays a vital role in judicial oversight, they artfully interlace the theme that an unrestrained media can impair due process when the adjudication of one’s guilt is left to the press as well as the judiciary.”                                                                                                                            -Atlanta Bar Lawyer

“A remarkably expansive book in a modest 322 pages.... Each chapter is a fully realized vignette of true crime and courtroom drama, with well-developed characters and engrossing detail. But the authors’ intent is no mere catalogue of famous trials: read together, the chapters comprise a cutting analysis of the public’s timeless obsession with the darkest elements of humanity.”                                                                                            -Ventura County Bar Citation

“The authors – Mark J. Phillips and Aryn Z. Phillips – are a father/daughter team who clearly have a flair for dramatic storytelling. … the book is truly hard to put down…This quick, delectable beach- or bed-side reader went on sale in July 2016, so go ahead and pick up a paperback copy.  I highly recommend it….”                            -Knoxville Bar Dicta                                                                                                                                                                
“While many previous books have borne similar titles, this version of “Trials of the Century” offers significantly more than an encyclopedic compendium of famous crimes.  With lean, thoroughly researched and crisply written accounts, the authors have produced a work that puts those cases in the context of their time, exploring the impact of an ever-ravenous, ever-evolving media.  It’s a fast read that avoids the wonk of the law and delivers insight into the lives of both victims and the accused, as well as the legal tactics and personal histories of many of the 20th century’s most celebrated attorneys.”                                                                              -Washington State Bar, NW Lawywer

“This book, written by a lawyer and his daughter, a sociologist, focuses on ten of the most sensational crimes of the 20th Century… The book is well-researched and reads much like a short-story collection of true crimes…. both for its interesting facts and its consideration of the overwhelming impact media consumption has on obtaining justice, a timely and significant concern given today’s media obsessed culture.”                                       -San Antonio Lawyer

Trials of the Century is a fun read and provides an entertaining overview of each of these sensational cases from the last century. … [I]f you’re a trial junkie looking for a good beach read, it does the trick.                              -Wisconsin State Bar Lawyer

The book is a fast-paced, compelling read because, although these stories are about murder and media, in the last analysis, they are about us — our emotions, our passions, our desires. As long as human nature is what it is, we will continue to be consumed by the fascination of the “crime of the century.”                                                  -Florida Bar Journal